Graslei: The Medieval Beauty in Gent

If you are in Gent, you cannot leave the city without passing by Graslei. It is the historical area right in the center with an exceptional view.

Within the 11th century, the river Lys became a major trading route in Europe. While the river lies between the medieval buildings of Gent, the area of Graslei was a trading center back then in Belgium.

The area today is still home to the buildings from the earlier centuries. With little adaptations that took place in the 18th and 19th centuries, the buildings reached their final looks.


Graslei looks gothic and beautiful in the pictures. In truth, it is magical in experience. It is romantic before the sunset, it is alluring when the sun goes down and the lights turn on.

If you want to feel Gent, Graslei is where you should be. You can go for a drink or have dinner there, but in truth only the enchanting view will matter.


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