Sweet Tastes of Belgium: Chapter 2 – Cuberdon

The color of the second chapter is violet. Not as famous as speculoos, cuberdon is yet another sweetling originated in Belgium, dating back to the 19th century.

cuber (1)

It is a raspberry flavored candy, in the shape of a cone and in the color of violet. Because of its shape, cuberdon is also called as neuzeke in Dutch, meaning little nose.

Dreamy violet look combined with a seductive taste, cuberdon is a delicious juxtaposition. In fact, the juxtaposition continues in texture. It is crispy outside and liquid inside.


Made with gum arabic and raspberry aroma, Cuberdon is especially unique because you can find it only in Belgium. With its special recipe and crystallization process to create the crispy and liquid texture together, it needs to be consumed fresh. That’s the main reason why it is not exported.

While it is not possible to find cuberdons outside Belgium, you can find them quite easily in the country. Along with every candy shop in Brussels and Flanders, the city of Gent is especially famous for this violet candy. If you happen to be in Gent, you will most likely come across with carts carrying and selling cuberdons in the Grote Markt.


 ‘Til the next sweet stop.

Sweet Tastes of Belgium: Chapter 1 – Speculoos


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