Where to Eat in Vienna: 3 Answers & 3 Reasons

When it comes to researching and planning in advance for my next destination, I am always skeptical about the touristic hot spot results ranking first. It is not uncommon when a popular restaurant turns into a big bubble of disappointment for your own taste despite the long queues and tons of amazing food photos on Instagram. That’s why there is always the risk of making the wrong choices wherever you go… except one place: Vienna.

The capital of Austria is famous for a few meals and desserts to the extent that these foods are restaurant and cafe specific. Hence, you don’t have to think too much in Vienna to explore the Austrian cuisine. Just following the other tourists will do.

1. Figlmüller

Dating back to 1905, Figlmüller is like the brand name of best Schnitzel in the world. Celebrating the glory of a long heritage, the Figlmüller brothers continue with the traditional way.


Figlmüller has two restaurants, Restaurant Wollzeile and Restaurant Backstrasse in the city center. You can make a reservation online for both of them. If you can’t manage to do so, you can just walk in the restaurants expecting a fair amount of waiting time in the queue, which is actually well worth it.

2. Cafe Sacher

Photo by Julia Pelish Photography

Home to one of the most famous cakes in the world, Cafe Sacher keeps the secret of Sacher Torte and its popularity since 1876. Located right across the Opera House, Cafe Sacher is another place where you will find long queues, again worthwhile of your waiting.


You can choose to sit down and enjoy Sacher Torte there or you can buy it packed. Regardless of your choice, waiting is inevitable.

3. Demel


Another standing evidence of Austrian history, Demel is a famous pastry shop and chocolaterie established in 1786. Located near the Hofburg Palace, you don’t only eat at Demel. You see, smell, admire and live the history.


While just looking around to see the historical interior and the skillfully crafted pastries can be enough, you are one step away from the ultimate happiness. Trying a slice of Apfelstrudel along with a cup of Coffee Melange at Demel will make your whole trip more meaningful.


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