Street Art, Kavala, Graffiti

The Eyes of Kavala

Kavala is a beautiful city in the Northern part of Greece. Dating back to the Antiquity, the city witnessed different reigns: the Roman Empire, the Byzantines and the Ottomans. Today, displaying the remnants of these empires in architectural forms, Kavala also takes you by surprise because of the contemporary look brought in by street art.

Walking through the streets of Kavala, you get the feeling that you are being followed because there are eyes everywhere. On the windows, on the front doors of garages, on the walls. Coming across with these eyes quite a few times, it makes you wonder whose body they belong to.

Street Art, Kavala, Graffiti

Apparently, Diro is the artist behind them. As a Kavala based artist, Diro’s real name remains unknown. Protecting his anonymity, his signature seems to be the black eyes with blooded tears.

Maybe the eyes are a little bit pessimistic and even spooky but they truly add an artistic vibe into the life of Kavala’s locals.


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