The Japanese bookshop with only one book to sell

Morioka Shoten is a little bookstore in Tokyo. Opened up in 2015, it is located on a quiet street in the Ginza district. Morioka Shoten stands out in this shopping quarter and in the world because it is “a single room with a single book“.

Morioka Shoten, bookshop in Gizia, Tokyo

The ultimate purpose of a bookstore is indeed selling books. Among the publishers, writers and readers; selling books has been set to certain expectations and into certain spaces throughout the years. Morioka Shoten goes beyond all these.

The tiny bookshop in Tokyo sells only one book at a time, meaning a certain book is sold during a week to be replaced by another next week. The idea is absolutely minimalistic, inspiring and challenging.

With the presence of a single book displayed in the middle of a room, the atmosphere advances towards a sphere of art. A book is exhibited in Morioka Shoten, the shoppers turn into visitors and the owner gains the role of a curator.

Booklovers also get to engage in this artful bookshop. As the owner of the bookshop organizes slow reading events, Morioka Shoten becomes a venue for deep conversations between the readers and authors.

Through exchanges and interactions, Morioka Shoten is exemplary in transforming relations and spaces as well as challenging the fast-paced publishing industry.



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