wroclaw, poland, san sebastian, spain

European Capitals of Culture 2016: Wroclaw & San Sebastian

The Council of the European Union has selected Wroclaw in Poland and San Sebastian in Spain as cultural capitals for the year of 2016. Throughout the whole year, both cities will be festive with cultural organisations, events and projects.

European Cultural Capital is an initiative active since 1985. Each year a limited number of cities are chosen for the sole purpose of cultural growth with a strong focus on being European. The cities are selected according to what they promise to do.

Replacing Mons and Plzeň from last year, Wroclaw and San Sebastian as cultural capitals of 2016 already promise a certain positioning to reflect upon being European and culture making.

Wroclaw: Contextuality

wroclaw, poland

The cultural policy makers in Wroclaw centralize the city itself as the main theme. They aim to recapture Wroclaw’s popularity by displaying the historical and cultural nature of the city through the title of cultural capital.

To represent Wroclaw’s significance in the world, four contexts of the city are to be exposed to the visitors: Wroclaw as itself today, Wroclaw as the capital of Lower Silesia, Wroclaw as Poland’s fourth largest city and Wroclaw as a culturally and historically important area in Europe.

San Sebastian: Coexistence

san sebastian, spain

The main theme for San Sebastian will be coexistence in 2016. The cultural policy makers aim to represent the possibility of improving coexistence through culture and dialogue.

The projects mainly work on the notions of belonging, relating and communicating. Humanism and human rights are emphasized using culture and arts as a tool for a better future together.


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