The sweet taste of this week is from Charleroi, a city quite well-known thanks to the airport. Yet, there is one more thing very much associated with this Walloon city: La Gayette de Charleroi.

La Gayette de Charleroi is a truffle filled with butter cream and milk chocolate. Traditionally, it is coated with coffee so it looks as if a little piece of coal just turned into candy.

gayettes, gayette, charleroi

La Gayette is a special taste because it represents the true character of Charleroi. Resembling a piece of coal, it actually refers to the history of the city. Charleroi used to be an industrial area that became prosperous through mining. Hence, the coal itself used to be a symbol for Charleroi. In fact, Gayette is the word used for coal itself among the Wallonians. Namely, the coal in nature as a symbol transformed into a tasty truffle in time.

gayettes, gayette, charleroi

As symbolic as it is, these truffles cannot be found anywhere else in Belgium. Since 1987, it is a registered trademark. It can be produced only in Charleroi and even more specifically only by the Blancke family. Today, the family offers varieties as well. While the most popular version is still the original one, there are also Gayettes with speculoos in store for biscuit lovers.

Til’ the next sweet stop.

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