“There is no reason to regret that I cannot finish the church, I will grow old but others will come after me. What must always be conserved is the spirit of the work, but its life has to depend on the generations it is handed down to and with whom it lives and is incarnated,” said Gaudi. And, it seems like La Sagrada Familia’s incarnation will be finalized in 2026.

Considered to be the greatest architect of the 20th century, Antoni Gaudi wanted to illustrate Christian belief through architecture. Dwelling on the Gothic and Byzantine cathedral traditions, he created a symbiosis of form, lights and religious expressiveness through La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

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Enriched with Christian symbolism , Gaudi planned 18 towers with unique meanings. As the tower dedicated to Jesus Christ was centralized, Gaudi’s idea was to create a unique sight and a unique sense of spirituality for visitors.

La Sagrada Familia has been in progress since 1882. The project was brought to a standstill after Gaudi’s death in 1926. Later on, next generations took after the project as Gaudi wished and La Sagrada Familia has been attracting approximately 3 million tourists each year.

la sagrada familia interior, gaudi

While the architects stayed absolutely loyal to Gaudi’s conception of La Sagrada Familia, it has been a topic of interest when it would be finished. Recently, Jordi Fauli, lead architect of the project since 2012, expressed that La Sagrada Familia would actually be completed in 2026, commemorating the 100th anniversary of Gaudi’s death.