Sunday is calling for a new sweet taste from Belgium: Tarte au stofé.  And, it is not just your regular cheesecake.

means cottage cheese in Wallonian dialect, so basically our new dessert is cottage cheese pie. Originating from Wavre – a city in the Wallonian region, Tarte au stofé is made with cottage cheese, meringue, almonds and apples.  Jodoigne, a city nearby Wavre, also makes a similar pie called the blanke doréye which has vanilla instead of almonds and apples – therefore a bit creamier in taste and texture.

Tarte au stofé, Wavre, Belgium

Despite the differences, both cities are very serious about the quality of the cheese. Belgians use their local cottage cheese to make sure the pie will be ultimately delicious. In fact, Wavre takes this seriousness to a higher level.

In 1976, a group of sensitive citizens from Wavre decided to form a brotherhood committed to preserving, defending and renovating Wavrian customs and traditions including the stofé and the pie of the same name. The Brotherhood of the Stofé de Wavre aims at promoting tourism and informing more people about the tasty cottage cheese pie. The brotherhood consists of 16 people and they come together annually every third Sunday of September at the town hall of Wavre.

As they describe the sweet cottage cheese pie, it’s so delicious that nobody can resist even with a full stomach. To prove this true, all it takes is a small visit to the city of Wavre.

‘Til the next sweet stop.

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