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Souvenirs from Norway

Norway is quite expensive but also way too lovely to go back home without a piece of it. Here’s a list of perfectly unique souvenirs to take home from Norway.

Lucky trolls

With four fingers, long and red noses and a cow-looking tail, Trolls are still considered lucky – despite their lack of beauty to put it mildly. Belonging to the Nordic mythology, these creatures are mentioned all the time in the Old Norse sources. They are believed to be seen only at dusk or at night because sunlight is their enemy – turning them into stones. This being the case, they are said to live in isolated mountains and caves. The belief goes on, if you happen to come across a Troll in the forest, well you are just lucky. So, if  you are looking for a lucky charm from Norway, a handmade Troll figure seems to be the right answer for you.

troll souvenir

Freia chocolates

“Et lite stykke Norge” is the slogan of Freia, a Norwegian chocolate brand. The words basically mean “A little piece of Norway”.  And, this little piece is absolutely sweet, too.

Freia was founded in 1889 and it is the most wfreia, melkesjokoladeell-known chocolate brand in Norway. In fact, the milk chocolate by Freia (Freia Melkesjokolade) has been the most sold chocolate in the country since the 60s. With some nationalistic branding, too, a chocolate bar by Freia is a truly Norwegian souvenir.

Norwegian Sweaters

Cold and snowy winters call for warm and soft sweaters. That’s why you will be amazed by Norwegian sweaters and garments if you are not already.

Mostly inspired by nature and history – woods, trees, flowers, cabin houses, door frames and more-, many unique patterns have been fabricated throughout the years in Norway. The most famous design is Setesdal, blending history and memories. The patterns in this design are also believed to protect from evil spirits.

dale of norway
The Norwegian patterns are actually not only popular in Norway but across the whole world these days. And of course, it is nicer to choose from the options in the homeland rather than a chain store.

The most popular and well-known brand producing sweaters and more is Dale of Norway. Established in 1879, the brand continues to be a cornerstone in Norwegian fashion. Their claim is providing innovation and quality through high-tech wool design. You will be able to find this brand in souvenir stores, too!

Brown cheese

Brown cheese or rather Brunost by the Norwegian name is extremely popular and special. Made by boiling milk, cream and whey for hours, the end result is a type of cheese that’s brown in color and sweet in taste – I know that sounds just a tiny bit strange.

Indeed, you either love or hate Brunost because it has a very specific and intense flavor. Always worth trying something new, it also makes a great souvenir because you don’t usually come across this in your regular grocery store.brunost, tine, brown cheese

Speaking of cheese, the cheese slicer is actually a Norwegian invention by Thor Bjørklund dating back to 1925. Here, you have got a double Norwegian souvenir option – Brunost with a slicer.


Having raised the surprise bar already high with Brunost, I’d like to introduce Aquavit, Akevitt in Norwegian, to you. After brown sweet cheese, now we have potato liqeur.

aquavitt, akevitt

Aquavit is derived from the Latin phrase, Aqua Vitae, meaning  water of life. Manufactured since 15th century, it’s a very strong liqueur with 40% volume of alcohol and a clear or golden color. Basically, potatoes are mashed, fermented and distilled, then mixed with alcohol and specific spices such as caraway and anise to produce Aquavit.

If you are curious about this potato liqueur, then  a Vinmonopolet shop should be your checkpoint. There, you will find about 300 different types of Aquavit to pick from.


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