“Here Lie the Secrets of the Visitors of Green-Wood Cemetery” is a new public art project by the famous French artist Sophie Calle. Kicking off on the 29th and 30th of April, visitors of the historical Green-Wood Cemetery in New York will have a chance to bury their deepest and darkest secrets in a marble grave designed by Calle herself.

During this 2-days performance, visitors will be able to confess their secrets by simply writing on a piece of paper and these secrets will be kept in the marble grave until it is completely filled. Then, the secrets will be burned. The interactive art project will be open and free for everyone while Calle will be also present in the artistic space.

Guests will be also invited to explore and discover the historicity of the cemetery which dates back to 1800s. Guided walking tours and maps will be available free of charge during the project.


The project initially kicks off on the last two days of April but it extends to a time span of 25 years. For quarter of a century, burial of secrets will continue and secrets will be burned periodically. In fact, Calle will occasionally come back to burn the secrets in a bonfire.

All in all, “Here Lie the Secrets of the Visitors of Green-Wood Cemetery” will be both personal and public, enabling visitors to reflect at both levels. Deep personal secrets will be buried in a public place through a public art project.