Connecting with Munch through Separation

Edvard Munch’s paintings and drawings illustrate his raw feelings; his themes are clustered around loneliness, love and melancholy. They are the ultimate results of what he felt after losing his mother and sister. Including the issues of the modern life as well, the wish for isolation due to the overwhelming city life with contrast to nature becomes a major theme for Munch. Relevantly, traces of Norway find existence in Munch’s paintings, depicting … Continue reading Connecting with Munch through Separation


Kanelboller: A Norwegian Delicacy

Living in Oslo, it is almost inevitable to adopt a healthy diet. Getting used to the Norwegian lifestyle, suddenly you end up eating lots and lots of salmon. Yet, it does not mean that there are no sweet getaways. Kanelboller happens to be just one of them. Known by the name “cinnamon buns” or “cinnamon rolls”, these delicacies are popular all over the world. Originated up in the north, it is just … Continue reading Kanelboller: A Norwegian Delicacy


10 Things to Do in Oslo

Oslo may be cold, expensive and overshadowed by other Scandinavian capitals. Yet, having lived there for almost a year, I am biased by heart that the city is enchanting blessed with a Nordic beauty. Here’s my personal top things to do and see in Oslo, the raw diamond of Norway. 1. Visit Vigelandsparken Vigelandsparken is the famous sculpture park in Oslo. As masterpieces of Gustav Vigeland, … Continue reading 10 Things to Do in Oslo