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What to Drink in Belgium

Fries, waffles and speculoos. Yes, you cannot leave Belgium without eating those at least once. But, Belgium is also generous about drinks. Here’s the three drinks you must try in Belgium. Beer  No surprises, the first drink to be mentioned is beer. Personally I am quite indifferent to beers but Belgium still astonishes me as it is home to more than 100 breweries and  1500 kinds of beer – … Continue reading What to Drink in Belgium

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Sweet Tastes of Belgium: Chapter 5 – Mattentaart

Chapter 5 is dedicated to a sweet pie from Geraardsbergen in East Flanders. It is called Mattentaart , or Tarte au maton. Mattentaart is a round shaped pie, made with puff pastry and a special matte filling. The filling is prepared mixing buttermilk, wholemilk, almonds and eggs. Hence the name, the key to a delicious Mattentaart is creating a great matte mixture. The quality of milk is essential for the … Continue reading Sweet Tastes of Belgium: Chapter 5 – Mattentaart

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European Capitals of Culture 2016: Wroclaw & San Sebastian

The Council of the European Union has selected Wroclaw in Poland and San Sebastian in Spain as cultural capitals for the year of 2016. Throughout the whole year, both cities will be festive with cultural organisations, events and projects. European Cultural Capital is an initiative active since 1985. Each year a limited number of cities are chosen for the sole purpose of cultural growth with … Continue reading European Capitals of Culture 2016: Wroclaw & San Sebastian

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The Eyes of Kavala

Kavala is a beautiful city in the Northern part of Greece. Dating back to the Antiquity, the city witnessed different reigns: the Roman Empire, the Byzantines and the Ottomans. Today, displaying the remnants of these empires in architectural forms, Kavala also takes you by surprise because of the contemporary look brought in by street art. Walking through the streets of Kavala, you get the feeling that … Continue reading The Eyes of Kavala

Van Gogh’s Bedroom For Rent on AirBnB

His bedroom in Arles was an inspirational theme for Vincent Van Gogh. As he depicted the room three times, the room was already immortalized. Now, the famous bedroom also found existence in Chicago, thanks to a special collaboration between the Art Institute of Chicago and Airbnb. All three versions of Van Gogh’s paintings of his bedroom in Arles will be exhibited in Chicago, for the first time. The exhibition advances a deeper … Continue reading Van Gogh’s Bedroom For Rent on AirBnB


Sweet Tastes of Belgium: Chapter 3 – Sneeuwballen

After introducing Cuberdon from Gent in Chapter 2, I would like to present another sweetling called Sneeuwballen. Again, from Gent. Sneeuwballen meaning snowballs date  a hundred years back. In the beginning of the 20th century, August Larmuseau from Gent came up with a fabulous recipe, especially for those who were not able to afford the luxurious chocolates in Belgium. This special recipe resulted in the shape of … Continue reading Sweet Tastes of Belgium: Chapter 3 – Sneeuwballen

Connecting with Munch through Separation

Edvard Munch’s paintings and drawings illustrate his raw feelings; his themes are clustered around loneliness, love and melancholy. They are the ultimate results of what he felt after losing his mother and sister. Including the issues of the modern life as well, the wish for isolation due to the overwhelming city life with contrast to nature becomes a major theme for Munch. Relevantly, traces of Norway find existence in Munch’s paintings, depicting … Continue reading Connecting with Munch through Separation